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Drip irrigation

What is Drip Irrigation?

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irrigation systems

Drip Irrigation for the Vegetable Garden

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drip and micro irrigation systems

Is Drip Irrigation Right For Me?

What does drip irrigation do and why should I use it?

drip irrigation systems save money

Drip Irrigation Saves Money

Drip can return a profit on your investment over the years

planning your drip irrigation system

Planning Your Drip Irrigation #1 - Let's Begin

The first step to planning is to keep it simple.

Planning your drippers for irrigation

Planning Your Drip Irrigation #2 - the Drippers

Choose the drippers to do the job with irrigation systems

locating drippers for your drip or micro irrigation system

Planning Your Drip Irrigation #3 - Locating Drippers

We talk about hillsides and trees and more...

choosing a water source for your drip irrigation system

Choose a Water Source

If you have a choice, pick the best water source for your drip irrigation.

test your water volume for a new drip irrigation system

Test Your Water Volume

How many gallons of water per hour does my water system deliver at the faucet?

drip irrigation for the greenhouse

Drip Irrigation For the Greenhouse

Give plants what they prefer for best growth

automatic fertilizing with your drip irrigation system

Automatic Fertilizing with Drip Irrigation

Add nutrients at the same time

Multi-station valve assembly for drip irrigation

Adding a Multi-station Valve Assembly

Operate up to six zones from one source

add a second drip irrigation zone

Adding a Second Drip Irrigation Circuit

Sometimes two are better than one

Low pressure and gravity feed drip irrigation

Gravity Feed Drip Irrigation

No electricity? No problem

Shelterbelts and Windbreaks for drip irrigation

Shelterbelts and Windbreaks - a Case Study

Five long rows



Click to view video on drip irrigation

Getting Started

Assembling drip irrigation systems is quick, no tools required other than scissors and a hole punch

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Tubing tip for low pressure drip irrigation systems

Tubing Tips

Tips on unrolling new tubing and keeping it clean.
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Assemble a drip irrigation system at the Faucet

Assemble Drip Irrigation #1 - at the Faucet

Here are some examples of how to assemble drip irrigation systems at the start of the circuit, the faucet.

Connect the tubing for a new drip irrigation system

Assemble Drip Irrigation #2 - Connect the Tubing

It's time to connect all the tubing and flush it clean.

add the drippers to your new drip irrigation system

Assemble Drip Irrigatin #3 - Add the Drippers

The irrigation systems fun continues. We add drippers, dripline and sprayers.

Commercial Growers

Drip irrigation for commercial growers

Commercial Drip System - Part I - Overview

A simple reliable drip irrigation system for small-scale commercial growers

MarketGro 1500 system components for market gardeners

Commercial Drip System - Part II - Components

Details of each part of the MarketGro system

Drip irrigation for the small market garden

Drip Irrigation for a Small Market Garden

Case study and suggested plan

flat tubing for the small market garden drip irrigation system

Flat Tubing for the Market Garden

Low-cost solution for mainline and manifolds

troubleshoot your drip irrigation system

Troubleshoot Your Drip System

Step by step

sharpen a punch for your drip irrigation system

How to Sharpen a Standard Punch

It's easy to keep your punch sharp

maintenance for your drip irrigation system

Drip Irrigation Winter and Summer Maintenance

Simple steps to keep the system in top shape

irrigation systems

Drip Irrigation and Global Warming

Drip irrigation is part of the solution

large residential greenhouse with drip irrigation

Case Study: A Large Residential Greenhouse

Too much hand watering for owner

dripline for a drip irrigation system

More About Dripline

Best for row crops and close-spaced flowers

thinwall dripline for low pressure or micro irrigation

Introducing Thinwall Dripline

Inexpensive and best for straight rows and beds

Raised bed seed sprayer

Build a Seed Bed Sprayer

Sprayers are better at keeping shallow seed damp

Raised beds and drip irrigation

Case Study: Raised Bed Garden

It's easy to supply water to each bed

how to
weeds no-till and drip irrigation

Weeds, No-till and Drip Irrigation

Fewer weeds and less need to till the soil

drip irrigation and municipal water restrictions

Water Restrictions and Drip Irrigation

The good news is that drip irrigation systems are often exempt

how to bury drip irrigation tubing under the lawn

How to Bury Tubing

Tubing that crosses lawn should be buried to avoid damage from a mower

build a standpipe for your drip irrigation system

Build a Standpipe

Sometimes there isn't enough room under an outdoor faucet for all the required drip irrigation parts.





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