Your guide to installing and maintaining  low-pressure  trickle drip irrigation parts and systems
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Consult the Drip Wizard

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Welcome to the Drip Wizard - your guide to planning your drip irrigation system.

Step #1

What is your first name? (optional)

What do you wish to drip irrigate?

Vegetable garden
Trees and shrubs
Patio or container plants


For Commercial Growers -

Fax a plan of your field or greenhouse to 250-847-6156 or email with the following:

  • All dimensions
  • Location and capacity of your water source
  • Any changes in elevation
  • Soil type
  • Crop type
  • Your location and climate type
  • Amount of water required by each plant on a hot, sunny day

We will reply with suggestions to keep your new drip system economical and effective. This service is available for Canadian commercial growers only.


irrigation systems The vegetable garden and greenhouse Wizards are for the simplest irrigation systems. The flower bed Wizard is the most complex. Try a simple Wizard first to get the feel for what the Wizard can do to calculate your irrigation supplies.

irrigation suppliesPick one category - you can always come back and choose another. Compare the lists and you may be able to combine two irrigation systems in one. For instance, you may be able to combine irrigating flower beds and trees and shrubs if one combined system does not demand more water flow and pressure than is available.

drip irrigationAnswer a series of questions about your yard or garden. The Wizard will generate a list of drip irrigation parts that you can use. The Wizard will also explain how it calculates your parts list.

Each drip irrigation circuit is unique - the list of parts is only a suggestion. Please modify the list to best fit your specific needs for irrigation supplies.

drip irrigation Print the list and use it as a guide to plan your drip irrigation system and to order from our online
Drip Irrigation store


The Wizard saves time by calculating and listing the basic drip irrigation parts to do the job.

Water Consumption Wizard

Ever wondered how much water a plant needs on a hot summer day?

Calculate the water required for a plant each day

water consumption



irrigation systems
Visit our online Drip Irrigation store

irrigation suppliesHere is a graphic example of a simple drip irrigation circuit. In this case, it is for a vegetable garden with 4 narrow rows.

1/2" Tubing mainline goes from the faucet to the near corner of the garden and then turns across the near width of the garden.

Each row is served by a single dripline. If the rows were wider, two or more driplines would be required at each row.


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